Creating clinical-community linkages to foster improved health outcomes in urban and rural areas utilizing nature as a strategy.png

Creating Clinical-Community Linkages to Foster Improved Health Outcomes in Urban and Rural Areas Utilizing Nature as a Strategy

November 13, 2024 2pm

Webinar with Dr. Jennifer Conner - Vice President of Rural Health, American Heart Association, Southwest Region (AR, CO, NM, OK, TX, WY), Veronica Sanchez - Senior Director of Healthcare Systems & Community Impact, American Heart Association (Houston, TX), and Jessica Donze Black, RD, MPH - National Vice President of Community Health, American Heart Association & American Stroke Association (Dallas, TX)

Clinical-community linkages (CCLs) are connections between community and clinical sectors that aim to improve population health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CCLs are an effective, evidence-based approach to preventing and managing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease. When using this approach, improved behavioral changes have been noted for nutrition, physical activity, diabetes self-management, smoking cessation, and medication adherence.

During this session, we will highlight approaches to creating sustainable CCLs as well as share some programmatic examples that foster more active living and outdoor engagement. We will also share the successes of our Heart Corps program which has been working to build CCLs in remote and rural areas.

Webinar at 2:00 Central on November 13th.

A Zoom Link will be emailed to registrants on the morning of the webinar

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