Strategic Plan

The mission of Texas Children in Nature is to ensure equitable access and connection to nature for all children in Texas. In 2021 Texas Children in Nature Network released its latest Strategic Plan.

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Leverage the power of a diverse network to amplify impact


Access to Nature

Increase the number of welcoming natural spaces accessible for all children

Barrington Elementary Green School Park


Inspire educators to use outdoor classrooms and nature-based learning

childlren posing with teacher and harvest from their school garden


Engage the health community to use nature as a health strategy

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Encourage nature-based experiences through community organizations



Advocate and promote state, regional and municipal level planning, policies, and funding to support outdoor play and learning



Raise awareness of and increase engagement in nature through consistent and unified communication

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When TCiNN began the process of our 2021 Strategic Plan we worked our equity work in every aspect of our plan. For more information about how equity can be seen in our goals please contact Sarah Coles.

Become a Partner

We are excited to share this plan with all our partners and are looking forward to working with you to accomplish our goals for the next three years. In order to become an official partner of Texas Children in Nature Network we are asking for organizations to read our strategic plan and sign on to support our mission, no fees involved. As a partner organization you will be eligible to attend partner networking events, share resources, your logo will be displayed on our website, and more!

I hope your organization will become a partner of Texas Children in Nature Network. We are looking forward to an amazing next three years and can’t wait to get started! You can sign on as a partner by filling out this google form:

Thank You to Our Strategic Planning Partners

  • Addie Broussard
  • Alicia Mein-Johnson
  • Amalia Sollars
  • April Torres-Conkey
  • Bianca Banda
  • Brittany Johnson
  • Cheryl Potemkin
  • Christie Cowan
  • Darcy Bontempo
  • Dustin Miller
  • Eddie McKenna
  • Erin Shields
  • Gaby Benitez
  • Haily Summerford
  • Hayden Brooks
  • Jaime Gonzalez
  • Dr. Jay Maddock
  • Margaret Russell
  • Melody Alcazar
  • Molly Stevens
  • Nancy Herron
  • Ryan Spencer
  • Shelly Plante
  • Susan Rowe
  • Thea Platz
  • Tanya Zastrow