Texas Children in Nature Network Founder's Circle

Join our Founder's Circle Today!

In 2021 Texas Children in Nature Network launched its Founder's Circle. The Founder's Circle is a group of donors to TCiNN who have pledged to give at least $1000/year for our first three years as a non-profit.

These gifts are important during these first three years in order to allow us to establish TCiNN as a strong non-profit to lead the collaborative children in nature efforts across the state.

Benefits of joining the Founder's Circle include:

  • A quarterly update from the TCiNN Executive Director on the work of the network
  • A Founder's Circle gathering at our Annual Summit
  • Two tickets to our annual reception
  • Opportunity to be listed in our Summit literature as a Founder Circle Member

Founders Circle FAQ

  • Can I donate monthly? Yes, you can do monthly donations of $83.33
  • When can I join? Anytime in 2021
  • Can only individuals join the Founder's Circle? No, individuals and organizations can join our Founder's Circle