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Building relationships with nature: Exploring a university course that infuses time in nature to positively benefit students' well-being

August 7, 2024 2pm

Webinar with Dr. Courtney Crim and Dr. Laura Allen - Trinity University, Department of Education

It is well known that unplugging from daily demands is beneficial for our well-being. Time spent in nature offers this much-needed relief. However, when we shared this insight with college students already feeling overwhelmed, their response was often, "We don't have time." To address this challenge, we brainstormed ways to help students prioritize outdoor experiences within their busy schedules. Our solution was to create a course that not only offered academic credit but also integrated theory, research, and practical outdoor activities through class sessions, field trips, and assignments.

In this webinar, Drs. Courtney Crim and Laura Allen will delve into the theoretical foundations and established research linking time spent in nature with improved well-being. They will also explore the course's development process and implementation, along with research findings that have been shared globally. They will specifically address the role of forest therapy in shaping the course's design and discuss various assignments that merge course objectives with authentic outdoor experiences. Attendees will have the opportunity to pose questions about their work or any other aspects of this nature-centered, student-focused course that has proven successful in improving college students' well-being.

Webinar offered at 2:00 Central on August 7, 2024

A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants the morning of the event

If you are unable to attend a recording will be added to YouTube several days after the event