Larry Hysmith


Larry Hysmith met with Sarah on March 10th to share why he joined the Texas Children in Nature Network Board.

Larry, please introduce yourself and let us know a little about you:

My name is Larry Hysmith, I work for Texas AgriLife Extension Service in the 4-H & Youth Development Program. I lead the 4-H Natural Resources Program which provides support across Texas to all local 4-H clubs and groups within the 254 counties of Texas. I provide resources, trainings, camps, contests, workshops, and anything else our county agents, adult volunteers, and youth may need to complete 4-H projects in natural resources. I live in College Station with my wife who is a Science and Engineering teacher in one of our middle schools. We have two grandchildren who definitely do not suffer from Nature Deficit. My wife and I are avid naturalists and constant observers and explorers. We still enjoy sleeping on the ground, under the stars and never tire of the joy and awe the natural world provides us.

What are some of your favorite activities in nature?

I fish every chance I get. I like to fish in any type of water, fresh or salt. I fly fish mostly but use a lot of different gear. I enjoy being near and in the water and I kayak as much as possible whether fishing or just exploring. I also camp and hike and have been to many beautiful natural areas in Texas. Lastly, I cannot get enough of the night sky and like to spend time under it in about any setting.

What is your favorite nature spot in Texas?

That's a tough decision. I have tromped in every corner of the state. I have a few favorites and haunts: Davis Mountains and the surrounding high dessert, Padre Island National Seashore, Lost Maples State Park, South Llano River....

What interests you about the Children in Nature Movement?

Children in nature in general is my passion. I have devoted my career to getting kids outdoors and most importantly, leading them to become stewards of our resources. I am interested in working with any group that serves that mission.

Why do you feel strongly about Texas Childen in Nature Network?

Again, it fulfills my personal and professional mission. I definitely like the focus of the natural resources and the youth in Texas. We have a lot of work to do in this effort and networking is the best way to maximize that effort.

What is some of your history with the organization?

I do not have a lot of history with TCiNN. I attended the original gathering in Austin for this effort and attended one Summit years ago in the Bastrop area.

How has working with Texas Children in Nature Network made on your life/profession?

It is too early to tell, but I can imagine our work will greatly impact what I do professionally and hopefully help me maintain my focus on my personal missoin of spreading the desire for stewardship.

Why did you want to join the board?

When I was asked, I knew I already had too much to do. However, I wanted to join the efforts of those across the state doing the local work on the ground. I wanted to add my work and my network to the mission and hopefully provide some assistance and direction in places not yet reached.

Where would you like to see Texas Children in Nature Network in five years?

I am still learning where TCiNN is today, but I would like to see TCiNN as a common name and effort being conducted all across the state in every natrual resource and outdoor education entity, public and private, bringng all individuals and groups together in the goal of educating our future to recoginze and appreciate what our natural resources are worth and how our lives are dependent upon those things.

Thank you Larry for your time today.