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The City of Pearland’s Delores Fenwick Nature Center

Organization Award

The City of Pearland Delores Fenwick Nature Center (DFNC) is the premiere urban nature center of the south Houston area. The DFNC uses native animals, interactive exhibits, in-person programs, and social media content to capture the interest of the Pearland community and educate all visitors about native wildlife and habitats. In addition to the nature education programs and outdoor recreation programs for individuals of all ages and abilities, youth summer camps, fieldtrips, and native animal interaction opportunities, one of the DFNC’s best and most exciting educational projects is its Adventures with Edu-Katie (AWEK) video-series. The AWEK series takes nature and science topics and breaks them down into fun and edu-taining videos that help kids, and their families better understand the environment, especially native Texas species. These videos are sharable and applicable, no matter what the location or age of the viewer, and give families actions they can take at home to participate in nature, whether it’s just enjoying the outdoors or helping with litter clean up and natural resources preservation. Adventures with Edu-Katie has highlighted the Stella Roberts Recycling Center in How to be Plastic Free, shared about the conservation work the DFNC is doing in partnership with Texas Parks & Wildlife and the Texas Horned Lizard Breeding/Reintroduction program in Texas Horned Lizards!, and educated viewers about how and why to follow TPWD fishing laws in Gone Fishing! As the series continues, AWEK will continue to highlight local organizations and further the message of conservation and the importance of nature and the outdoors.

2023 Children in Nature Champion Organization Award Winner: The City of Pearland Delores Fenwick Nature Center