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Latest Texas Based Research

Find research on the effects of children spending time in nature and topics that affect the work we do based in Texas

Barriers, Strategies, and Resources to Thriving School Gardens

Objective: To identify school garden attributes and practices that most strongly contribute to garden use and sustainability and translate them into recommendations for improving garden-based nutrition education.

Authors: Amy Hoover, MS, Sarvenaz Vandyousefi, PhD, RD, Bonnie Martin, BA, Katie Nikah, MPH, Michele Hockett Cooper, MS, Anne Muller, BA, Edwin Marty, BA, Marissa Duswalt-Epstein, MBA, RD, Marissa Burgermaster, PhD, RD, Lyndsey Waugh, BA, Brie Linkenhoker, PhD, Jaimie N. Davis, PhD, RD

Texas Children's Hospital: Reclaim Recess

The Center for Child Health Policy and Advocacy at Texas Children’s Hospital, a collaboration between the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Pediatrics and Texas Children’s Hospital, delivers an innovative, multi-disciplinary, and solutionsoriented approach to child health in a vastly evolving health care system and market place. The Center for Child Health Policy and Advocacy is focused on serving as a catalyst to impact legislative and regulatory action on behalf of vulnerable children at local, state, and national levels. This policy brief is written to address the cognitive and physical health benefits of recess and the consequences of state recess policies on children.

Contributors Hannah Abrams, BA Lauren Fuller, BS Sameer Kini, BA Andrea Grimbergen, BA Claire Bocchini, MD, MS Ana Monterrey, MD, MPH