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Unstructured play in LiiNK schools is linked to positive health benefits for children and teachers

July 12, 2023 2pm

U.S. schools are consumed with testing and outcomes because of state and federal dollars and especially since COVID. Teachers and administrators feel that children are much more aggressive than ever before. We have lost sight as a nation that the way to heal trauma and abuse and create healthier and whole children is not through sitting in a classroom and shoving more content at them. Children need more time for child directed, rough and tumble, and risky play.

Since COVID: What should a day look like for a child? What should schools provide for children? How much content should be taught daily and should unstructured play/physical activity/music/art be considered content just like ELAR, Math, Science, and Social Studies? This webinar will present answers to these questions and discuss physical, cognitive, and especially social/emotional LiiNK project results related to children and teachers as a result of 60 minutes of recess and a 15 minute character lesson daily. One of the most impressive results that will be discussed on this webinar is our data with hair cortisol which assesses stress and anxiety in children. Learn more about the LiiNK Project: https://liinkproject.tcu.edu/

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