Study, Track, remOve and Prevent (STOP) What Clues for Prevention are in Local Litter.png

Study, Track, remOve and Prevent (STOP): What clues for prevention are in local litter?

February 1, 2023 2pm

Study, Track, remOve and Prevent (STOP) is a survey method to gather data on types and abundance of litter. STOP consists of measuring a 100 ft (or less) transect, picking up all trash larger than a cigarette butt in that area, then cataloging items. Participants enter surveys into the Texas Litter Database ( where it is used by scientists for research. We'll talk about results from our first two years of surveys and show how data from STOP can provide detailed information on where (and what!) litter is a problem. This program is a nice addition to existing environmental education efforts!