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Learning Science in Nature: Fostering Children’s Learning, Well-being, & Care for the Earth

February 10, 2024 10am

Teacher Workshop with Andrea Faber Taylor, PhD - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

In natural settings, many science concepts are readily visible and accessible for hands-on exploration and learning. Thus, it might seem like teaching science in nature should be common practice, and yet it is not. Why? Oftentimes, barriers hinder the effectiveness of nature-based lessons. However, rather than choosing between teaching a lesson indoors or outdoors, perhaps employing a combination is best.

In this webinar, we will explore research-based theories and evidence of the benefits of nature-based lessons and play for children’s cognitive functioning, learning, and development of environmental stewardship. We’ll also review findings from a recent study exploring indoor versus nature-based science lessons. Webinar attendees then will work in small groups to apply concepts presented to develop a pair of complementary science lessons, employing the strengths of both indoor and nature-based lessons, to enhance students’ learning of one science standard.

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