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Birding in the Barrio: How to Spark a Love of Birding in Young Minorities

December 2, 2020 2pm

Sebastian Casarez will share his experiences with a birding program in his neighborhood.

About this Event

Birding in the Barrio (Neighborhood) How to spark a love of birding among young minorities will be an 1 hour powerpoint presentation starting with own my experiences of being a young, hispanic birder in the birding community. The importance of diversity for the new generation of birders and ways to help minority birders overcome the fear of birding.This presentation will also explain how The Texas Blue Jay Project helps introduce birdwatching to minorities and low-income children and teens in the communities. I started The Texas Blue Jay Project in 2017 to encourage Texans throughout Texas to explore birds and birdwatching. I especially focused on teaching at several low-income and highly minority communities about birds and how to start birdwatching through my bird presentations and bird walks. In 2018, I started a used bird field guide book drive in efforts to collect as many used bird field books to donate to local schools that had high minorities and low-income students to help introduce and inspire students to learn about the birds and birdwatching. I will also explain how The Texas Blue Jay Project helped contribute and assist several schools on starting a young birders club/ornithology club in their schools. My goal is for attendees to leave with new ideas and tools on how to spark a love for birds among young minorities in their communities.