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All of It, All at Once: Weaving Nature Into Communities for Human Health, Climate Readiness, Equity, Biodiversity, and Much More!

November 9, 2022 2pm

A Webinar with Jaime Gonzalez with The Nature Conservancy

The benefits that nature provides is oftentimes put into tidy boxes. Yet, when we restore or recreate nature where it has been lost, we energize places and spaces to do many, many things simultaneously - such as bolster climate readiness, engage in placemaking and Indigenous presence, uplift human and biodiversity health, activate artistic avenues, etc.. Join The Nature Conservancy in Texas’s Jaime González for a tour of Houston greening projects and policies that are seeking to recreate Houston into a more Climate Ready, Wildly Healthy place. We’ll also explore the One Health framing that lies at the heart of Jaime’s work in the Greater Houston Region – a framing which seeking to envision and operationalize projects at the intersection of human health and wellbeing, environmental health, and biodiversity/domestica animal health.

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